Your Network Marketing Business Blog – 5 Good Reasons To Use WordPress (6)

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Instead, I will say this: if you focus on these 7 key areas of on-page SEO, how to speed up wordpress you can improve your search engine rankings. For example, if you want to change the title of a page as it appears in search engine results, there are several ways to do this in Joomla. Joomla has more scope for the novices user to move things around (using its modules) whereas you’ll need to understand how to write and change the core code of your WordPress website if you want it to look a lot different.

  1. Optimizing the addHook function
  2. Click Open in New Tab if you want the pdf to open in a new tab
  3. Log in to your WordPress admin panel if not done already
  4. No directories should ever be given 777, even upload directories
  5. Extension updates not always compatible with the backend
  6. Mobile friendly

This can slow your site down if you have a lot of them installed but with Joomla, the core install has more functionality than WordPress. Something like Yoast is extremely popular if you’re a WordPress user, and for Joomla, there’s JCH Optimize. In this case we’ve set it to three, meaning there’s a limit of three revisions created per post.

This post isn’t an in-depth look at which is best and we’ve only scratched the surface. WordPress is the best blogging platform due to its too many powerful features which help you to manage your website easily. It is one of the best blogging platforms to make money. Increase your website rank using best WordPress SEO plugins.

Responsive themes are appropriate for business and corporate websites, blogs and eCommerce website design. You can customize your website and give an awesome look by using premium WordPress themes. Also, trying to figure out how to change very simple, basic things in Joomla can sometimes be a bit of a pain. If you want something specific in a niche market, it can be harder to get a Joomla extension that does what you want it to. Having said all that, if you want an all singing, all dancing website, WordPress is the better choice.